Free of the usual life worries, that’s where…comes in Balkan House, this is where the real action takes place, as cooks crank out piping hot Balkan dishes and European “zaaa” food. You can unwind and enjoyed in the luxurious dining atmosphere. The Balkan House is a quality restaurant that can hold its own against mid-range priced palaces in town.

Appetizers and main meals turned up on the tabled at the proper pace. The servers are good-natured. One got on my good side by calling me a ‘young lady’ when I’m of an age where I’m desperately grateful to hear it. They never lacked for attention on water refills or anything else and there was no hard sell on anything. The servers are enthusiastic and helpful in making menu recommendations that guarantee you’ll go home satisfied.

Balkan House menu is of very good, very generous portions of well-made food at what is generally called popular prices. The menu is straight-ahead, no big surprises, except for the good value. And while the name sounds warm and cozy, like an old-fashioned schnitzel, but the taste is mouthwatering.

Chef Nemanja Bujak cook at Balkan House, he knows his way around a European kitchen. The food tastes fresh and the chef never takes shortcuts.
From the Grill ($13.50 to $23.95) smacks of fresh ingredients, and they’re nice and light.

It’s remained classically Balkan, right down to the smallest detail. The dishes I sampled were all on the mark.


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